"I have worked as an artist and business professional primarily with the medium of photography for over 25 years. As a maker of landscapes, still life, architectural and abstract imagery, I usually use a large format 4 x 5 camera to create my images. The camera original film is either a negative, or a positive (transparency or slide). These camera original pieces of film are used to print original photographs using an Epson professional level printer which uses archival ink jet technology. This is a "hybrid" process, using a film camera to shoot, and a digital device for the printing. I never manipulate images, I print them to look just like the film that was exposed in the camera. This is "straight" and non-manipulated photography, and is not digitally created art (e.g. mathematical algorithms, Photoshop filter art, etc). I do not over-saturate, or digitally enhance the pictures! My photographs are made by waiting for the right moment. Prints are framed and/or matted, signed, and numbered."





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