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Professional real estate photography is a great way to reflect the best selling points of any property you list on the MLS. Sellers demand it. Buyers prefer it. Put your best effort forward to produce the best results and make your listings shine. My services offer an effective and turnkey way to get your listing the most exposure and interest from the high percentage of buyers who use the internet and MLS to shop for properties.

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years, specializing in architecture, landscapes, and fine printing. I charge a flat fee of $150 to do any residential property you are listing. I deliver to your broker's office 40 fully edited, ready to upload images on disc in two sizes, one for MLS use, and the other for general printing uses such as flyers and brochures. Custom requests for specific sizes and file types are no problem, just let me know beforehand what your graphics person prefers to use. I will also immediately forward the MLS versions via email so they are computer-ready on your system and can be uploaded quickly and easily for your convenience. I offer monthly invoicing plus next day service on most properties.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of agents, brokers, inspectors, sellers, buyers, and bankers in order to buy and sell properties. I understand the best way to photograph your listing so it shows its qualities without exaggerating spaces. Buyers want to see a realistic and beautiful representation of the home so that when they arrive, they do not go through "photo shock" like we find on many listings photographed by both agents and some photographers. iPhones are great, but MLS photos are best left to the experts! I offer you bright, clear, sharp, well-composed, well-designed photographs that make the spaces talk. Click on the link below to look over my portfolio for some examples of real estate photography, and don't hesitate to look at the "Portfolio of 20 Images" category found on the "view photographs" category page for a nice collection of images that illustrate my related skills and interests.

$150 flat fee for any listing, with invoices sent monthly for your convenience; includes all editing, emailed MLS versions, and delivery of an image disc to your office.

Next day service in most cases depending on weather/lighting conditions.

To arrange for your property listing to be photographed, contact me at the following:

PHONE:  502-410-3331

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