John Stines is an American photographer currently living in Louisville, KY. Trained in architecture, photography, painting, and cinema, John's photographs have a sense of place and composition that allow the viewer to feel like they are seeing something at just the right moment. Images such as the Twin Spiral Staircase, taken at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY illustrate this appreciation for special places. Art galleries and fine art enthusiasts across the country collect his prints in numbered editions.

John's career has spanned from being a university instructor in photography and teaching workshops and continuing education classes in photography and filmmaking to running a photographic publishing company and working in major commercial studios. His photography is collected by many art enthusiasts. No stranger to editorial photography and writing, his photos and articles have been published in prestigious publications such as Travel Holiday, CNN Traveler, and the Oman Times. Please enjoy looking at the photography on the web site, and feel free to email your questions using the link provided.

In the coming years, John will be printing some new images of waterfalls, Shaker Architecture, Arabian Architecture and Southwestern scenes, all taken with black & white negative film using a large format camera. The resulting prints will be contact printed onto Printing Out Paper, (an antique, turn of the century chemical-based process). This process can be found in many collections of turn of the century photography, since the paper replaced albumen paper (a "wet process" paper) around 1885 as the most popular printing medium of the day. POP was the first "dry" paper printing process invented, meaning the paper could be stored in a box prior to use, similar to modern photo papers.

I also offer a professional real estate photography service that provides a turnkey solution to efficiently listing properties for Realtors and other real estate professionals. Having been a buyer and seller for over 12 years, I use my photographic eye to capture images that help properties sell.


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